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The following comprises a small sample of the scope and range of works completed by Liftline since 1987. Due to the range of services offered the extent of involvement and services varies from project to project.

Liftline has successfully completed projects in shopping centres, hospitals, hotels and sports centres. We have been involved in Local Authority regeneration projects, new developments and have completed over 50 lifts for housing associations in the last few years. Madame Tussauds and the Crucible Theatre Sheffield also feature in our portfolio.

Liftline completed the remodelling of a newly installed lift in the Barbican area to fully comply with Firefighting Lift requirements. Acting as lead consultants, Liftline successfully organised the necessary building alteration and the design and installation of a backup generator to provide a secondary power source. The lift required completely upgrading to meet strict firefighting standards so that it may be safely used not only to fight any fire within the building but to provide a means of evacuation.

Working alongside other services consultants, Liftline designed and monitored the installation of 30 new lifts all with new external brick lift shafts. The 30 lifts needed to be complete within three years effectively requireing a lift to be completed every month. Working with the Architects and Structural Engineers the shafts were sized and designed to provide adequate space and safe and secure access to the new machine rooms.

Liftline worked closely with the Architects, Engineers and Project Manager to determine a scheme for a bespoke external panoramic lift installation specifically designed for the Consulates electric wheelchair. The lift was designed with centre guides and the twin hydraulic rams situated at the rear so that the front of the car and the shaft could be glazed. Providing direct access from the car park to all floors of the building the glas front was etched to mimic the original fasade of this listed building.

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